Website changed

As did my mind

As I tried to fill it with knowledge on printers

And cameras and lighting

And in the end I find

Myself wondering

About carpet

That my dog’s birthday

Should have been celebrated more

Maybe I’ll have a gallery

But until then

I wonder

Who I am

Why the driver’s permit is taking so long

Why it would be nice to drive

Today marks a few years since

My accomplishments in a day were

Having Mocha on my back

As I did a push-up

And doing art and writing

Today my accomplishment is updating my website

Thank you world

I wonder if the world will start lowering its prices for everyday goods

Such as food and water

I’m going into work today

I’m not opening early

It will be day three open

I’m ending this poem here

Because I am going to edit a photo

I’m going to find a way to make this blog not say

“Just another WordPress”